gsqlcmd supports mode synonyms to keep compatibility with the previous versions or to allow typing shorter words like "show" instead of show-connections.

Below is a complete table of synonyms:

execute             = exec
prepare             = exec /parse
parse               = exec /prepare

select <connection> = exec <connection>
select              = convert

webtocsv            = convert
texttocsv           = convert

webtotext           = download

get                 = download /method=GET
post                = download /method=POST
put                 = download /method=PUT
patch               = download /method=PATCH
merge               = download /method=MERGE
delete              = download /method=DELETE
head                = download /method=HEAD

insert <connection> = make <connection> /commands=insert
update <connection> = make <connection> /commands=update
delete <connection> = make <connection> /commands=delete
merge  <connection> = make <connection> /commands=merge

create-sqlite3      = create-database /serverType=sqlite
create-sqlce40      = create-database /serverType=sqlce
create-sqlce35      = create-database

fmt+                = make-fmt+
fmt                 = make-fmt
create              = make-create
bulk                = make-bulk
ini                 = make-ini
ace                 = make-ace

edit                = edit-connections
localconfig         = edit-connections /location=local
userconfig          = edit-connections /location=user
appconfig           = edit-connections /location=app

providers           = show-providers
connections         = show-connections
show                = show-connections
show <connection>   = show-connection <connection>

show <*.xml>        = show-roots <*.xml>
show <*.json>       = show-roots <*.json>
show <*.htm>        = show-html-tables <*.htm>
show <*.html>       = show-html-tables <*.html>

html-tables         = show-html-tables
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